Welcome to Verve magazine, Mississippi’s freshest lifestyle publication

To understand what Verve is about is to understand the very definition of the word. When we set out to create our magazine, we needed a name that represented the spirit and enthusiasm found in the people and culture that define our region. Luckily for us, there’s one word that does just that; Verve.

From cover to cover, Verve magazine celebrates stories of the hard-working hands, creative minds, and compassionate hearts that embody the best of our unique Southern culture. Our pages provide engaging content and beautiful photography spanning subjects from travel, culture, and the arts, to food, health, and entertaining with some surprises in between. Each seasonal issue speaks to the spirit and soul of our diverse readers with meaningful, fun, optimistic, and valuable information that will enrich and empower their lives.

At Verve magazine, we’re serious about our work, but we’re not too serious about ourselves. We value curiosity, honesty, generosity and hard work while we also embrace the ingenuity and uniqueness found in the charming residents and beautiful communities throughout our state. We believe in supporting creativity wherever we find it and supporting local businesses that enrich our culture and economy.

Whether our readers have a head for business or a heart for home, an eye for design or the hands for healing, we hope to provide each of them with a timeless resource they may rely on for daily inspiration and enjoyment.

Savor the south and read Verve.