Holiday decorating should bring warmth and joy to your home. There’s no better way to do that than choose colors and textures you love and throw in some traditional elegance and whimsy.

Artist and owner, Kim Duease, of Kim Duease Design and Lifestyle, has a style that is sometimes fondly referred to as a “clash coarse” in color. Her richly layered collections of design elements and patterns are a delight to the senses.

We asked Kim to share some of her tips for bringing some extra panache to your holiday decor regardless of budget or space this season.

Design Tip { 1 }   Infuse Your Life With Color Infuse your decor with colors you love, colors that make you feel good, the ones that appeal to the senses and lift your spirit. It’s different for everyone but find your color and live it!  Break out of the color box of Christmas …it’s no longer Christmas red and holly green. Try out hues like zinnia pink and burgundy; cabbage green and lemon yellows. Everyone loves pink… either you just don’t know it yet or don’t want to admit it! It’s okay… you’ll come into that.

Design Tip { 2 }   DESIGN ON A SMALL ON BUDGET So you’re small on budget but big on design? Take it to the outdoors and scavenge for pine cones, branches, lichen, acorns etc., and don’t be afraid to arm yourself with a good quality can of spray paint. The sky’s the limit when you engage your imagination.

Design Tip { 3 }   DESIGNS FOR A SMALL SPACE If you’re small on space but big on design, take your trees to the table top. A wonderful collection of trees either artificial or live make a fabulous statement. Snag a great pair of urns… pop a couple of trees in them, cover the base with moss and ornaments, and perhaps fresh lemons and tinsel. Then, drop those on your farm table or mantle and sing “Joy to the World.”

Design Tip { 4 }   USE FRESH FLOWERS OR FRUIT I adore fresh flowers any time of the year but especially during the holidays. Flowers are limited during the cold season, but with the addition of color and texture from your local farmers market the choices are endless. Rather than traditional place cards, use a metallic permanent marker to write names on beautiful fresh pomegranate fruit. Penmanship does matter so ask a friend with those talents if you need help.

Most of all, take time this season to give THANKS, embrace friends and family, stop to smell the roses, and LOOK! Have a colorful Christmas!

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