Decorating your home this season can become a tiresome process if you rely on the traditional color schemes and ideas of the past. By choosing natural colors and textures while throwing in something unexpected, you’ll create a welcoming place at the table for all guests. Interior Designer, Sunny Holliday, shares her tips for a cozy fall decorating transformation.

No. 1   Reuse items you already own |  Strive to achieve a space where everyone feels welcome and comfortable. Before you go out and purchase anything, take a look around your home to see if there’s anything you can use in a different way, or anything that can be painted to update the look.

No. 2   Use Mixed Materials & Metals |  Incorporate mixed materials and metals to add depth and texture. Popular fall colors are blush, matte black, gold and amber. “I found a way to incorporate the colors by adding the blush napkins with gold leaf napkin rings. Black is brought in through the silverware. The table runner and placemats bring in a nice, golden tone,” states Holliday.

No. 3   Avoid the Typical Items in the Fall Aisle |  Think outside the box, and look to nature for inspiration. Try to avoid the typical fall aisles in order to gain pieces that can be used later down the road. The succulent floral arrangements can be used throughout the season. The earthy pots are also very versatile.

No. 4   Set the Mood with table lighting |  Ambiance is everything! LED battery operated twinkle lights and candles set the mood. However, don’t overcrowd the table. Make sure you can see across the table when hosting a dinner.

No. 5   Add natural colors & textures |  Transition the seating area by adding a pillow with natural textures, oversized florals or velvet to make the space feel warm and cozy. A wool textured throw makes all the difference, too.

No. 6   Offer a Big Welcome |  The front door mat welcomes you in with texture and pattern. Always go bigger with your door mat. These two mats are layered to add a welcoming feel with the texture and pattern.

No.  Invest in a High Quality Wreath |  Investing in a quality wreath is worth the money! Make sure to purchase one that fits the scale of your door. This wreath is 30” in diameter. Changing the ribbon is a simple way to change the look throughout the seasons.   

No. 8   Use Pumpkins Sparingly |  Pumpkins are fun and festive, but keep in mind they only last a few months. Incorporate pumpkins sporadically, and invest in a the wreath!

No. 9   Keep it loose & Organic |  Approaching the space with an organic style will always feel warm and inviting!